Main: Super Sword

The Super Sword is high in technology. At the tip of the sword there is a tiny ball, which releases

a picked Chip to bond a Companion. Also, it has a simular use as a reusable Pokeball, as it can

hold 10 Companions at once. To summon the one you want......

Say you wanted to summon your Orka. You would say, "Summon, Orka!" Or if battling "Beat 'em, Orka!"

If you don't want a certain Companion with you, or can't make room in the Super Sword, you need to release it.....

Say your Rockadoo is taking up space in your Super Sword. You summon it, and then draw another Chip around it.

It will probably try to break the Chip if it has a bond higher than 50.

Also, Super Swords can be charged if they are releasing small grey clouds, which means it needs charging.

Just slip it in your back pocket. It is impossible for it to break, but if all of your Companions have no energy,

your Super Sword will explode, leaving you to attack by yourself. Also, the Super Sword is made of steel.

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